First Print Publication

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

I always assumed professional models were these tall, unrealistically gorgeous women with hair to their ass and eyelashes for days. It felt unattainable. I first started modeling at 19yrs old. The shoot was a simple bikini shoot outdoors, desert backdrop. I really enjoyed it and was amazed at how nice the photos were. I stepped it up to fine art nudes and then more experimental themes. Over the last 14yrs I've modeling for many of photographers. Some professionally, some for random art projects and others for "paid" for gigs with private clients.

Friends and family have often been surprised to see my photos, and even more surprised when I explain I've been doing this for more than half my life adult life. I'm a very private individual. I don't boost or create a big deal about things. I'm quite, keep to myself and don't really make a fuss. Until about 3yrs ago.

For the first time in my modeling (hobby) I decided to go public with my images. I was unsure of the reactions I might receive. Nervous that know one would like them or care. Of course I haven't been doing this for 14yrs because I wanted others approval, otherwise it wouldn't have been a secret lol I've always used modeling as an outlet for my expressionism, my inner emotions and what I see in the photos after is the truest version of myself. It's like opening yourself for the world it see, it was the vulnerability of that which made me nervous.

Without regret. Without reluctance. Pure honest, me.

So here's to 15yrs in the making and my first print publication that came out summer 2019 in World of Goth Magazine.

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